The Youth Ministry has been set up to empower and help young people share the mission of the church.

Youth Ministries in The Seventh day Adventist Church has gone through several phases, always evolving into a more specialised ministry to an important segment of the church’s population. This evolution has taken the church from the early beginnings when youth work was blended with Sabbath School to this day when youth ministry is divided into clearly defined areas of interest, but pursues the same goals.

Four levels of ministry to youth are active in youth ministry today:

Adventurer Ministry

To reach and help children 6-9 years old

Pathfinder Ministry
To reach, help, and train youth 10-15 years old

The Way (World Adventist Youth) Ministry
To meet the spiritual, social, and lifestyle needs of youth 16-20+ years old

Young Adults Ministry
To work with youth and young adults 21-30 years old.

Working with young people can be one of the richest and most rewarding experiences in ministry. To face up to the challenge of finding meaningful answers to their questions can prove to be deeply satisfying and fulfilling. On the other hand, trying to understand their needs and satisfying their demands as they search for meaning and purpose in life can be extremely frustrating. However, the greatest sense of achievement in ministry comes when a youth leader sees young people resolve their search for identity and belonging by making a commitment to enter into a life-long relationship with God; by inviting Jesus Christ to be Lord of their lives.

The church has put together a relevant and effective youth ministry. Youth ministry is not something that exists alongside the ministry of the church. it is an integral part of the church and it is ministry. It’s philosophy is based on the same foundational principles that undergird the ministry of the whole church.

The four independent forces that sustained the life of the early church (see Acts 2:42-47) and continue to provide motivation for the growth of the church today are the same dynamics in all successful youth ministry.

The Youth Ministry do so many things the best way to find out how it can help you grow is by contact their leader.