The term ‘Sabbath School’ refers to a Bible study and discussion programme held in Seventh-day Adventist churches, usually on Saturday mornings (similar to ‘Sunday School’ or Hebrew ‘Schul’). This is either held together as a large congregation or in small groups. The Department trains and equips Sabbath School teachers, leaders and superintendents to effectively teach classes within London Ghana.

Sabbath School provides the ideal platform for Church members to meet and study the Word of God in a focused and dedicated manner. At London Ghana SDA Church our prime objective is to encourage a fellowship centric Sabbath School environment. Our prime focus is geared towards the growth of Sabbath School participants during Sabbath School study period which starts at exactly 9am every Sabbath morning. Another key objective of the Sabbath School department is focused on the mission to reach out into the wider world; the department is currently achieving this objective through weekly recordings (in both audio & video) of the Sabbath School study which are broadcast weekly through this website.

Sabbath School also provides a good opportunity for members to get to know each other well. Discussion highlights needs within the group that others can respond to so that the whole group grows spiritually, thus producing more mature Christians who can speak with confidence about their faith. For many people at London Ghana, Sabbath School is the highest point of their Sabbath.