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Topics for 2016:


Noah and the Ark

During the month of January we have taken the children through the very known story of Noah found in the Book of Genesis. On the Last Sabbath afternoon we ended this topic with a special program. During this program we did different games.

Find your animal partner

We have used memory cards with animals and gave one to each child. Without telling the name of the animal they should find their partner and walk together to the ark. On the word go the children started behaving like the animal on the card doing noise and walking or jumping like the animal does. It was nice to see how creative they were and how fast they were able to find each other.

Color the rainbow quiz

For this activity we divided the children into different groups. Every group had 1 color pencil for every child and one paper with the rainbow for them to color. Different questions regarding what they have learned the previous lessons were asked. The group that would answer the question first could color one color in the rainbow. All the children were very sharp and smart on answering the questions.

Color mix experiment

To end up the program we have made an experiment. We have asked the children why God has let the world to be flooded. Also why God has promised to not do it again and the meaning of the rainbow. After that we have done one experiment where they have put some drops of basic colors on a plate. After this they were able to see how the basic colors combined and other colors started to appear.


The Tower of Babel

During the month of February the children will go through the topic about the tower of Babel. More info about this will follow.

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